Snoring Datasets

Several datasets are available for research purposes, focusing on snoring sounds and types:

  1. PhysioNet Sleep Apnea Database:
  2. National Sleep Research Resource (NSRR):
    • Description: Offers access to a variety of sleep research datasets, including snoring and sleep apnea data.
    • Link: NSRR
  3. SCUT Sleep Snoring Database:
  4. Snore Sound Database:

Open Software for Snoring and Sleep Analysis

  1. SleepyHead:
    • Description: An open-source software for analyzing CPAP machine data, helping users track sleep apnea treatment effectiveness.
    • Link: SleepyHead
  2. Audacity:
    • Description: An open-source audio editor that can be used to analyze and visualize snoring sounds.
    • Link: Audacity
  3. OpenBCI:
    • Description: Provides open-source tools for biosensing and sleep studies, including EEG, which can be used in sleep research.
    • Link: OpenBCI
  4. EEGLAB:
    • Description: An open-source MATLAB toolbox for processing and analyzing EEG data, useful in sleep studies.
    • Link: EEGLAB
  5. PyEEG:
    • Description: A Python module for EEG feature extraction, applicable in sleep research.
    • Link: PyEEG
  6. mne-python:
    • Description: A Python library for processing and analyzing EEG and MEG data, commonly used in sleep research.
    • Link: mne-python
  7. DeepSleepNet:
    • Description: An open-source implementation of a deep learning model for sleep stage classification, which can help in analyzing sleep patterns and disturbances.
    • Link: DeepSleepNet

These datasets and software tools provide a range of options for analyzing snoring and sleep patterns, facilitating research and development in the field of sleep medicine.

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